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  • Canbine
  • Canbine
  • Canbine
  • Canbine
Product Specifications
  • Product Specifications
  • Size:L42*W41*H40CM
  • Color:Red / Pink Love / Cupid Blue / Cupid Pink / Single Blue
  • Origin:Made in Taiwan
  • Anti-shedding slide for drawer, the safety measures to prevent the drop in all opened.
  • Equipped with a square iron plate wheels at the bottom of the cabinet. It can avoid the cabinet forward dumping.
  • The front cabinet use brake wheels. To prevent the cabinet sliding when the cabinet mount heavy objects.
  • To use T-shaped around cabinet for protection. It can avoid children collision injuries.
  • The inside of cabinet increase strengthen board, it can prevent Disintegration when moving the cabinet.
  • To use T-shaped edge, it can avoid shedding due to PVC material to produce oil.
  • Backplane use 15m m thick plate and strengthen the nail pin in backplane to increase the drawer load-bearing.
  • The handle use double screw 128mm*38mm . The design purpose is to avoid the thread damage and handle loose.
  • Two layers of drawers has a functional classification of storage.
  • The depth is 32cm. It can be placed books.
  • The width is 32.8cm. You can install stationery box by yourself.
  • The height is 6 cm. It is easy to find placement of objects in the drawer.
  • The upper cabinet has anti –falling shield : you can place books, schoolbag, printer.
  • The upper cabinet can be used a seat with reading. The cushion is optional accessory.
  • Two sides can install hanging bags to place letters or private things.
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