KC01-Angel Wing Chair

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KC-01 Angel Wing Chair

Redefined Design of Kids Growing Chair

Double frame with carbon steel makes the whole chair stable
Angel Wing Chair, A design to avoid traditional thinking, Angel Wing chair is a new concept that designs the back tube moves from the chair's back to the bilateral. It makes the chair back like wing to force the back cushion. Meanwhile, it's easy to adjust back frame to go whatever height you want.
High end material with carbon steel makes chair stable and give your child a double safety seating.
Dimension : W60 X D58 X H77 cm

Super extend the depth of seat cushion
Angel Wing chair design a double tube to makes square frame and directly go through the base of seat. You can easy to adjust the chair height in both side of tube. In addition, designer grades the depth of seat sliding system can have 15cm extend which make this chair suitable to any age of growing child.
The Depth of Seat Cushion: 33 - 48 cm

Depth 33cm
Depth 40m
Depth 48cm

Freely seating no matter child or adult
The back and seat can separate to adjust height and match everyone in order to reach a comfortable seat.
The Height of Seat Cushion : 34 - 49 cm
The Height of Back Cushion: 77 - 94.5 cm

Height 34cm
Height 41.5cm
Height 49cm

Intuition Adjustment without any complicate
The back and seat adjustable handle design very ergonomics. Any child or adult can quick release the handle and adjust any height you want.

Cool and comfortable back
Design point comes from musical instrument. The chair back has each of string which support human's body, especially in backbone and waist. And your muscle can release without any compression by each of string.
Back dimension: 44 x 48 cm

Release and seating long
Unique foam by Huntsman give your skin a great touching and against hot weather when you sit longer.
Seat cushion dimension: 45 X 48 cm

High intensity loaning Standard
High intensity base has go through over 300kg loading. Enjoy your child seat safety.

Safety and lockable PU wheels
Auto-lockable wheels design makes child safety seating and more attention when child studying. Wheels via PU material keep quiet when chair moving and against scratch.

Make your own chair
Multi colorful choice to everyone.

  • Product Specifications
  • Dimension: W60*D58*H77cm
  • The Height of Seat Cushion : 34~49cm
  • The Height of Back Cushion: 77~94.5cm