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K5-Unique Desk

ergonomic study desk
  • ergonomic study desk
  • ergonomic study desk
  • ergonomic study desk
  • ergonomic study desk
Product Specifications
  • Product Specifications
  • Dimension: 105x70cm
  • High adjustable: 54~79cm
  • Tilting degree: 0~26
  • Desk top color available: teak white
  • Side stationery color available: green

K5 Unique Desk : Do important thing by simple way

Do you know a fancy watch won't work well if lose a screw?Maybe you ever thought you are an important-less person like an insignificant screw?
However, please remember you still are an important one although you mightn't have outstanding performance.

You still do important thing by simple way.

Unique Desk is the right desk for you. This desk matched the concept ''do important thing by simply way''. Desk load ability is the most important thing. Unique Desk uses simple screw to support desk load ability.

Normal desk use screw to support desk load ability which the designs have the safety issue. Perhaps it can support desk weight when the screw is tight. However, it will shake or drop down when loosen the screw.

However, Unique Desk overthrows the old design frame. Unique Desk still can support the whole desk weight when loosening the screw. Unique Desk provides user a safety learning environment. Unique Desk perfectly present ''do important thing by simply way''

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