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Founded in 2018, Kid’s Master Co., Ltd. combines a group of new era furniture designers, space designers, and furniture users of the new generation to design a children's study deak & chair together.

The purpose is to focus on R&D and design of children's professional lifting desks and chairs.
Designed for children's professional growth desks and chairs with convenience and safety as the first.
The brand takes the parents of the new generation as the mainstream and designs the goods with the taste.
Strictly select high-standard and high-endurance in the industry. High CP value is used.
Presenting works that is substantive valueable, but not expensive.

The simpler and more difficult the creative design,It reminds us the simpler paintings of childhood are simple, the paintings are more free, the bold colors, and Kid’s master the high-quality brands is like this.

Each of the designer's works takes into play the children's imagination space - free and geometric thinking, and integrates into the first parent-inspired education of love.

Kid’s Master is marketing in South Korea, Malaysia and the Soviet Union, and assisting European manufacturers in designing, manufacturing and OEM. They can effectively design and cooperate with development. Don't doubt, the partner you are looking for is – Kid’s Master.