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K639-Enlightening Chair

Ergonomic Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
Product Specifications
  • Product Specifications
  • Dimension: W56xD57xH76cm
  • High adjustable: 24~48cm (±2cm)
  • Fabric Color: red, pink love, cupid blue, blue sky

K639 Enlightening chair - Simple is the best
Children are growing up always from the simple words, action and learning. It is no complicate formula or complicate course. Just simple accompany with kids and enlighten children's truth, goodness and beauty.

The concept design of K639 Enlightening chair:
The base of chair makes a big and safety space "U" style design which to protect baby climb to the chair. "U" style base doesn't have any chair's claw to hinder baby close the chair and sit down by themselves. Let's make "Enlightening chair" with parents together to be witness baby can walk and sit sown chair.

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